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14 August 2010 @ 03:27 pm
Okay, so not really.

I leave for a week-long Alaskan cruise tomorrow, which means I'm spending today alone in the office, trying to do a weeks worth of work in, oh, five hours. Jealous much on that last account?

I kicked my shoes off under the desk when I first got here (shh!), which means I'm walking around barefoot whenever I get up to go to the printer/fax/various other big machines in the office (shhhh!).

I had to go in the back-back room and didn't turn on any lights. And I decided to jog/run for whatever reason. All that running around in a dark, deserted office without shoes reminded me of some B-movie horror flick where the young heroine is attempting to flee from her pursuers only to be ambushed just moment before she makes her escape into safety.

This is how I spice up my boring day.

So I'm leaving work to pack now. I think I've successfully procrastinated packing for a seven day trip long enough, considering we're leaving in less than twelve hours to catch our early morning flight to Seattle. And I still need to fit in sleep among several hundred other things.

And I just fleshed out yet another John/Rodney fic. Which means my six hour flight is going to be spent writing smut! NOW you’re jealous. ^.^
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Firstly, we have the wonderful tantalizing trailer! While all of it makes me smile so much my face is sore, I have to make mention of how much I love a good space melee! It’s not something we normally get on Who, and while I don’t expect it, I’m more than happy to have it.

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I'm bouncing off the walls worse than a child before Christmas. This IS my Christmas. I'd rather have the season finale of DW than Christmas.

(*looks guilty* Does that make me some sort of Grinch?)
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15 June 2010 @ 02:57 pm
Campy? Oh yeah, absolutely…I don’t think they could resist. How can you not be tempted to run away with the idea of the Doctor trying to pass as human? Doctor Who can be angsty, absolutely (DWT-4). But it can also be ridiculous fun.

I would have liked more instances of the Doctor adapting to the hum-drumness of every-day human life, but that’s just me being greedy. Overall it was thoroughly enjoyable; I had a great time watching.

The Van Gogh episode the week before was intended to be psychologically taxing. It was nice to have this lighthearted breather before the first part of the season finale coming up next, which you know is going to be epic and decidedly NOT placid.

One thing, though: I want to know a bit more about the aliens attempting to construct a TARDIS! Anyone that ambitious is worth a little investigating.
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Falling a bit behind on my DW commentary. Oops!

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10 June 2010 @ 02:29 pm
I just have to say once again: I kinda ♥ this man.
Writer Neil Gaiman has refused to reveal any details of his upcoming Doctor Who episode.

In an interview with The Metro, Gaiman said: "I figure that anything Stephen Moffat has revealed about my episode, I am also at liberty to reveal in public."

He then joked: “He said that it’s going to be on television and that it will be in color.”

The Gaiman-written story will form part of Matt Smith's second series as the Doctor and is expected to air in early 2011. The writer previously revealed to BBC News that his instalment had the working title, 'The House of Nothing'.
ETA: Whoops! Forgot to say that I pulled this from an article at Digital Spy.
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07 June 2010 @ 06:47 pm
I just wanted to clear out the conglomeration of icons from this season of Who that have been building up on my computer. This first one is based on one of rightclick5ave's fabulous gifs.

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04 June 2010 @ 04:59 pm
When it comes to Doctor Who, there are certain truths that are upheld through thick & thin. Pay attention—this is important.

DWT-1 (“Doctor Who Truth”): The TARDIS and the Doctor = the OTP that the show is built around. That relationship is the premise of the show—the control bits that remain constant while all else is essentially fluid.

DWT-2: In accordance with DWT-1, The Doctor is definitely a mad man with a box.

DWT-3: The Doctor needs someone, always.

DWT-4: Doctor Who enriches itself in the greatest melee of moral/emotional/psychological calamities. It’s the highest-grade angst you can find.

Doctor Who is the ultimate band-aid, giving us a promise that no matter how bleak, good will absolutely triumph.

DWT-6: Doctor Who perpetually celebrates the hope of mankind and the goodness of humanity. Earth is the Doctor’s favorite planet, and he loves us little earthlings.

DWT-7: The Doctor always interferes in the affairs of other peoples and planets.

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02 June 2010 @ 10:15 am
Two things regarding Amanda Tapping on the news board today.

ONE: She won the Connecting the Community award!! Way to go Amanda! I’ve been voting each day for—wow—over a month I think it’s been. I’m quite happy for her. The Women of Distinction Awards is an amazing program. It’s one of the most prestigious awards for women, and it recognizes many well-deserved women for all their hard work in the community. Swell, right?

Amanda tweeted “Won the YWCA Connecting the community award!! $10,000 to crabtree corner. Helping single mothers and their children. Yeah you!! Thank you!!”

The winner receives $10,000 for the YWCA program area of their choice. It seems she choose Crabtree Corner Family Resource Centre which has many, many programs and services for needy families. We’re talking housing, food, violence protection…you name it.

TWO: She will be guest appearing on this Friday’s episode of SGU, along with RDA yet again! Great, right? Sam’ll be on the U.S.S. George Hammond (and can I say how fantastic of a tribute that is to not only the character, but to Don S. Davis as well).

It will probably just be a brief “pop-in-and-pop-out” role as we’ve seen with all the other SG-1 appearances but it’s exciting nonetheless. Remember, these things are why I originally kept with the show.
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…a single uttering of “Jack” with that perfect Daniel-inflection leaves you a puddle of shameless fan girl goo.

What can I say, they’re my OTP AND my first ship. It’s inevitable that they’re going to make me melt every time.
DANIEL: Doctor Rush's life is in danger.
YOUNG: He volunteered. He knew the risks.
DANIEL: That cargo ship slipped past all of our sensors. We have no idea where it's going.
YOUNG: Telford might, and he may know more. [He looks at Jack] I'm just asking for the chance to get it out of him.
INSERT Jack slowly looking upward at Daniel, looking slightly guilty, just waiting for the inevitable…
DANIEL: He still has rights, doesn't he?
JACK [gesturing at Young defensively]: He didn't say how he was gonna do it.
I love that! They pulled it off well: subtle things that don’t disrupt the flow of the episode but blatant enough that people familiar with it can appreciate it. I love how they were able to give the SG-1 lovers a bone to chew without making the episode a SG-1 reunion squee-fest (because, while, I personally am all for that, it’s ultimately a cheap trick, and SGU fans unfamiliar with the previous shows would get cranky).

For the most part, we’ve only had a chance to see serious!Jack thus far on SGU. It was nice to see more of the O’Neillisms we’re accustomed to: hand and facial gestures, going the wrong way on the ship, and the ever infamous one-liners:
TELFORD: People will do what they have to do to survive. You should know that by now. We take whatever we want. We do whatever is good for us, regardless of the impact on other planets. What makes us so special?
JACK [looking at his feet]: I know what makes me special.

I do have one thing to say about SGU in general. I might not like the extremes they go to on a constant basis, but they sure know how to keep a running commentary on the duality of man.
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21 May 2010 @ 11:12 am
Three words and an exclamation mark: that was brilliant!
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